Work Experience

Jan 2016 - Dec 2019
Gobernacion del Cesar

Content Creator and Social Media Analyst

Gobernacion del Cesar

Analyzed social media metrics, evaluated results and psychological patterns, created art pieces and executed brand-positioning oriented strategies.

Implemented Methods to keep Goodwill records from the Audience through social media strategies based on Experimental Digital behavior construction. Reached one of the nation highest results. (5th of 32)

Jan 2017 - Dec 2018
Alcaldia de Valledupar

Social Media Analyst


Social Media strategist, focused science and art as part of the process of creation and implementation of digital branding.

Detected the digital persona, their needs, and specific requirements, we changed our communicational strategies producing better and more effective Arts that finally reached higher engagement levels.

Mar 2017 - Jul 2017
Ministerio de Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones

Vive Digital Lab instructor

Vive Digital MinTic

Assisted learners in Digital Marketing and UX UI Design Classes.

Jan 2016 - Sep 2018
Punto Estratégico

Digital Business Expert Mentor

Best Caribbean Region Startup Mentor, 2017. Mobile Apps development mentor under the Business Model Canvas method by Alexander Osterwalder.

  • Discovery: Guided Value Proposition Design, adequate Customer profile, and Value map.
  • Testing: Built a solution with constant experimentation prototyping. UI UX standards.
    Motivated accelerated results to gain traction, conversions or Early adopters that could be traduced in continuous growth.

Jan 2013 - Dec 2014
Gimnasio del Norte Valledupar

Computer Science Teacher

Gimnasio del Norte Website

Designed curriculums and prepare teaching materials. • Assisted students using a systematic planning of theoretical classes. Implemented didactical plans.
CS 6 - 9 - 10 Grade

Education Background

Google LLC - Coursera

Google IT Support Professional Certificate

Through this Professional Certificate program I had access to a variety of hands-on assessments which will help me to simulate many of the experiences of IT support that are critical for success in the workplace.

2007 - 2010
Universidad Piloto de Colombia

Psychologist (Undergraduate)

The Psychology program studies the human being in both individual and social processes. Those who research Psychology prepare to understand and approach affective, mental, and behavioral spheres, taking into account the processes of interaction and the relationship with the environment.

2011 - 2012
Universidad de Santander UDES

Graphic Design Associate (Undergraduate)

The professional in Graphic Design of the University of Santander presents advantages in the application of knowledge for being broad and flexible, which can range from the development of design projects in the public or private sector and independently can create their own design studio in the areas of design, digital media, advertising, art and in the creative industry.

Design Skills

Professional Lighting photography

Adobe Photoshop

Corel Draw

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Indesign

Adobe Xdesign

Adobe Muse

Adobe After Effects

Adobe premiere

Wordpress CMS

Marketing Skills


Digital Marketing

Facebook Ads Manager

Twitter Ads

Google Adwords


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