Best Graphic Design Companies in New York

Graphic designing is one of the most cherished dream jobs since the advent of digital marketing and in the world of designs – logo designing has been at the epitome of branding. 

Many companies start their journey as a design agency providing logo design services but only some of them make it to the top and make themselves worthy of international prestige – that has made them the most famous and sought-after graphic design firms on Earth.

With their outstanding portfolio and global presence, these firms have made name for themselves resulting in one of the best graphic design companies on the face of this planet.

 We would further talk about these best graphic design companies that are based in New York.

Wolff Olins

Looking back at the last 25 years in the world of graphic design – if there was a controversy related to branding, there is a huge probability that Wolff Olins was involved.

The design firm has a unique reputation for choosing bold designs – as it believes in global presence and does not always play by the rules. They designed a logo for the London 2012 Olympic games and that was compared to an accident, a mess and even a health hazard. 

The company has never been shy to make unorthodox choices and their attitude towards innovation has made them one the favorites and best graphic design companies in the world. 

Wolff Olins’ headquarter is situated in London, UK and its offices are located in New York City, London as well as San Francisco.

They have a huge list of notable clients including Uber, Spotify, Skype, Google, Unilever, Virgin Media, Alibaba and many more.


In the world of branding and graphic design, if we talk about the companies who are undisputed giants, then Landor would undoubtedly top the list. Walter Landor started this studio in 1941 and now this company has exponentially scaled over the years into 23 offices in 20 countries.

Landor’s headquarter is situated in San Francisco and its offices are present in many countries including New York, Bangkok, Dubai, Paris, London, Moscow, Singapore and Beijing.

High profile clientele base has made Landor into one of the big sharks in the market. Its clients include Coca-Cola, Apple, BMW, Proctor and Gamble, Levis and many more.

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