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Luis Martí, Photographic Studio dedicated to portraying weddings, teenagers and pregnancies

The wedding photographer must be your accomplice. A dear friend for small moments. That is why you must trust the best day of your life in professional hands. And devote all the necessary efforts so that this friend called photographer, manages to capture the best of all the moments that you live. Personally, I always look for the friendship of the couple I am going to portray. That leads them to feel confident with me and be themselves. When I see a couple getting married, I see myself living that moment. I am a wedding photographer New York, New Jersey.

Wedding photographers New York – New Jersey

Fotografo de bodas en Valledupar

Wedding photographers New York – New Jersey

Wedding photography in Valledupar at its best. Luis Martí Photography will document your day one moment at a time, telling your story in a visually perfect way for you to enjoy the coming generations

Fotografo de bodas en Valledupar

Quinceañeros wedding photographers New York – New Jersey

The images of his Quinceañero in Valledupar should be much more than a casual encounter. Your Quinceanera session should document a part of your life in a way that complements your fifteen party, in addition to portraying your party or event with a clear emotional sense

Fotografo de bodas en Valledupar

Portrait photography in Valledupar

You want something that screams individuality. Something you can be proud to show off to your friends. Count on us to portray the finest of your profiles

Wedding photographers New York – New Jersey

Photograph of pregnancies and babies in New York- New Jersey

With great tenderness and delicacy we look for the best poses of your newborn baby, so that his photography is uniquely beautiful. We also want mom to have the best memory of her pregnancy, and to remember such beautiful moments in the best way

During the prewedding

During the Capture, your passion in each photograph: Let’s narrate your love together

I am not a friend of the long speeches, for me where a good image speaks, the words remain. resource that evokes, narrates, and at the same time transports our soul to the most beautiful moments lived. I consider myself a storyteller. Your wedding, Quincea? Os, event, portrait, or whatever the photograph, will evoke a complete speech.

Wedding photographers New York – New Jersey

Getting Ready

Beautiful photographies before the moment of your life

Maybe one of the most stressful moments of your wedding, but don’t worry. We are professionals. Every detail of your pre-ceremony enlistment will be taken by our professional group. We are ready at every moment of the moment in which the bride and groom get ready, capturing their reactions, tears, nerves, etc.

Fotografo Valledupar

During the wedding ceremony

Capturo tus momentos de amor en cada fotografía

The preparation of the bride and groom, the kiss, the ceremony, the crossed smiles, the encounter with your parents, the bridesmaids, the marriage, the reactions of your family, the details of the chapel, Everything becomes a potentially emotional moment.

Wedding photographers New York – New Jersey

Let`s party

Emotions and vibrant sensations will be reflected in each photograph

We are going to dance, have a good time, and that should be portrayed. You spent most of your time planning the details of the party, the food, the snacks, the decoration, the flowers. Everything will be an adventure. And we paparazzi.

Wedding photographers New York – New Jersey

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I am Luis Martí, a Colombian photographer and my passion is PHOTOGRAPHY. I have constantly trained as a visual artist and photographer at NY INSTITUTE OF PHOTOGRAPHY. As a PHOTOGRAPHER IN COLOMBIA, I have worked for the best brands, characters, public celebrities, and clients. All the time I live training, to give you the BEST PHOTOGRAPHS. Being a WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER, DESTINATION, FIFTEEN YEARS AND EVENTS It has been and always will be my greatest passion. My PHOTOGRAPHS have been used by different government entities, posting them in large international events.

Wedding photographers New York – New Jersey

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